"MUST READ"For Sellers: 4 Types of Fees You Should Know Before Selling Plants Online + Compare 6 Online Marketplace Fees

November 08, 2022


One of the most effective ways to grow your plant e-commerce business is to join an online marketplace - or add another one to your multichannel operations. When choosing a marketplace to sell your products, it’s important to understand the various fees that you’ll be charged.

What are the 4 types of fees when selling plants online?

  1. Selling Fee
  2. Listing Fee
  3. Payment Processing Fee
  4. Advertising Fee

These are the 4 types of fees you should expect to see, when selling plants online. We'll explain them in great details in the following sections.


When you sell plants on an e-commerce platform and ask customers to check out on the site, you will be charged a sales handling fee, which is usually called a transaction fee or a selling fee. The transaction fee is charged by the platform. When a seller concludes the transaction, the platform will automatically deduct some fees from your collection.

Here are a few examples of how sales fees are collected. Assuming the selling fee is 5%:

  • If an order value is $100, the platform will deduct a selling fee of $5
  • If an order value is $20, the platform will deduct a selling fee of $1

Right now, Mercari has the highest selling fee of 10%, and Plant Story has the lowest selling fee of 0.1%.


Listing fee, or insertion fee, is a type of nominal fee, which ecommerce platforms charge from sellers to post (i.e list) their products on the website. A listing fee will be charged every time you create or re-list a plant or some related items, regardless of whether that listing generates a sale.

Etsy has a listing fee of $0.20; Plant Story and most other plant marketplaces do not charge listing fees.


Payment processing fees are charged by third-party payment service providers (such as Stripe or PayPal) to securely process and complete financial transactions. Plant Story does not assess any fees. E-commerce websites like us usually use third-party payment providers because building payment system is super hard.These fees can range depending on the type of: (1) transaction and (2) payment method used.

Payment processing is usually arranged and contracted between a seller and the service provider directly. The seller will pay a processing fee once the transaction is complete. It will be deducted from the seller’s earnings as the “processing fee”.

It is important to us that our sellers have competitive and transparent pricing so all users know exactly what fees are being applied.


E-commerce advertising is a method of creating more top-of-funnel awareness of an online store to generate product/shop traffic and new customer acquisition through paid placements on platforms, either by targeting new prospects or targeting those who have shown interest.

Advertisements fee is the fee charged by the e-commerce platform if you want to promote your products there. If sellers want to get their products displayed on the first pages, or get Star Seller or Trusted Seller badge, all these are called e-commerce advertising and fees will be charged. Some platforms will state that this is an advertisement, some will not.


Marketplace fees from various online marketplaces can sometimes be tricky to find. Before you choose a marketplace to sell your products, evaluate the various fees to be sure that you’ll still be profitable when you sell something and then pay the marketplace fees.

We’ve collected 6 marketplaces and their fees in this chart to help you decide where to sell. If you’re already selling on one of these marketplaces, consider expanding your store and inventory to these others. Expand your store name and brand recognition and capture more sales.

Here is the comparison chart:

Example: if you sell a $100 product on Mercari, you earn $76.8.


Where is the best place to sell plants online?

Cheapst: From this comparison chart, we can clearly see Plant Story is the cheapest and almost free platform. Plant Story ONLY charges 0.1% selling fee, it has 1M plant lovers in its community and marketplace, and it will never arbitrarily ban any plant sellers. Sellers are the 1st class citizens on Plant Story!

Free promote: Plant Story would make you a Trusted Seller if you're already experienced in selling plants, and all your listings would be pushed to the top on the marketplace FOR FREE! Plant Story also help advertise your shop on all their social media channels! (TikTok @plantsnstories 35K, FB Plant Group: @plantsnstories 85K, IG @dreamy_plantss 108K)

Seller Friendly: Plant Story team helps sellers go through the onboarding process, and provide the onboarding manual. Plant Story makes it simple for shop owners if you provide us with a CSV file of your plants, from which we can create individual listings for you, to save you time while adding plants. Even though you already have a shop online, you will be able to reach our motivated audiences much easier. Not impressed yet? No problem! Plant Story team is always there to help you. We guarantee the best service for sellers as well . You can always ask us for selling tips and advice.

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