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Feb 22, 2024

Plant Story Official

Community Guidelines for Plant Story Live Streaming App

Welcome to the Plant Story community! To ensure a positive and engaging experience for all members, please adhere to the following guidelines while participating in live streams on our platform:

1. Respectful and Inclusive Behavior:

Treat all community members, including viewers, fellow sellers, and Plant Story team members, with respect and kindness. Harassment, hate speech, discriminatory language, and offensive content are strictly prohibited.

Maintain a professional and family-friendly atmosphere during your live streams. Please follow these rules:

  • No Substance Use During Live: The use of marijuana, any illegal substances, or excessive drinking during LIVE sessions is prohibited.
  • No Political or Divisive Speech: PlantStory is a plant community, not a place to talk about political topics.
  • Age Restrictions: The host needs to be 18 years of age or older. Any minor (under 18) participants need to be supervised by an adult.
  • User‘s Privacy: As a platform, to protect user's privacy, we do not allow any user's personal identifiable information (including but not limited to email, name, phone number and home address), to be used for anything outside shipping on other platforms or to contact buyers personally.
  • No personal info collection: Sellers are not allowed to collect personal information from buyers. This includes, but is not limited to; personal info like name, address, email, phone number, etc. This information is only meant to be used for shipping products. Collecting this information from users through DM or any other means is forbidden.

2. No External Sales Solicitation:

Please refrain from promoting sales of your merchandise on other platforms during your live streams. We want to maintain a seamless experience within the PlantStory community. Payments for items must be processed through the PlantStory platform. Sellers should never accept or solicit off-platform payments. Marketing products on live streams to sell off-platform is prohibited, and may result in account review and potential banning.

Any off-platform transactions are not protected by the platform, and may experience high transaction risks.

3. Responsible Live Behaviors:

  • No Spamming: Sending repetitive messages is not allowed.
  • No Phishing: Engaging in phishing activities is strictly prohibited.
  • No Employee-Bidding: Employees of sellers cannot bid on their items, and sellers cannot bid on employees' items.
  • No Pre-Sale: Do not run any form of pre-sale. You must sell what you have in possession. This rule is to be strictly upheld, to maintain fairness and avoid any potential complications arising from unfulfilled expectations.
  • No Credit Offers: Selling future credit is not permitted. This includes any offers or exchanges related to credits that are not presently accessible.
  • No Gambling: The sale of lottery tickets and any form of gambling are strictly forbidden on this platform, as per applicable laws. Violations may result in service termination and legal action.
  • PlantStory LIVE sales are for sales in PlantStory-only. No funds can be collected on any other platform during LIVE sales.

4. Bidding Integrities

  • No Shill bidding: Shill bidding is defined as sellers or associated parties bidding on an item, with the intent to inflate the item price, with no intent to purchase the item. Sellers and their associated parties cannot bid on their own items from separate accounts. Shill bidding may also violate laws in your state/country and result in severe penalties. PlantStory monitors all bids, and your account will be banned if we find that you are suspected of shill bidding.
  • No Troll Bidding (No Ghosting): Troll Bidding, also known as Ghosting, is defined as placing excessively high bids with no intention to purchase the item. It is forbidden in PlantStory.

5. Conflict Resolution and Reporting:

If conflicts arise during live streams, aim to resolve them calmly and professionally. If you encounter any violations of the community or seller guidelines, report them to the Plant Story team through the appropriate channels. If there are any issues with your orders, contact Plant Story Support. In the event of a dispute caused by an inadequate product title (For example: lacking "cutting" in the product title), the seller will be responsible for 100% of the plant's price for reimbursement. Promptly address concerns, provide updates, and work towards resolving any problems to uphold trust within the community.

6. Transparent Categorization of Special Products:

New plant parents are joining our community, and they need time to learn how to care for unique plant products. Sellers should clearly indicate special product categories in product titles, such as cuttings, tissue cultures, and fresh imports / recent imports / rehabs (definitions below). This helps newcomers to make informed choices about the care their plants need.

Honesty and transparency are key. Be honest and clear about the product you are selling, as there are even enthusiasts who enjoy rehabilitating plants!

Additional Clarities for Plants Needing Rehabilitation: When offering plants that are in need of rehabilitation, absolute transparency is essential. These plants can be particularly vulnerable during transit and may not always thrive or survive the journey. Therefore, it is imperative that you provide comprehensive details about their condition and requirements. Equally important is a well-defined return policy that explicitly addresses these circumstances.

Product Representation Guidelines: Effective product representation is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our platform and ensuring a positive experience for both buyers and sellers. Misrepresentation of products can result in serious consequences, including account removal. We take this matter seriously and will monitor it through customer complaints and expert assessments during live sessions. In the event of a dispute, we may also request import documents for verification purposes.

Violation Process:

  • 1st Warning: Sellers will receive a warning for any instance of misrepresentation. This is an opportunity to rectify the issue and ensure accurate product representation.
  • 2nd Violation: If there is a second violation within 30 days of the first warning, the seller's live sessions will be suspended for a period of 30 days. This is to emphasize the importance of accurate representation and give the seller time to review and adjust their practices.
  • 3rd Violation: In the unfortunate event of a third violation, the seller's complete removal from Plant Story will be implemented. This step is taken to protect the community from repeated misrepresentation and maintain a trustworthy marketplace.


  • Fresh Import: Indicates plants imported and available for sale within 5 days of arrival. Sellers must write the exact word "fresh import" on the listing.
  • Recent Import: Refers to plants imported within 4 weeks. None of the above import categories are considered rooted. Sellers must write the exact word "recent import" on the listing.
  • Rehabilitation Plants: Plants that have suffered damage and will need extra care in order to restore them to full health. These plants are high risk as they are fragile and often do not survive. Sellers must write "Rehab Plant" or "Rehabilitation Plant" on the listing.
  • Lightly Rooted: Describes a plant with terrestrial feeder roots in the initial stages of development. Imports can begin rooting within around 10 days under ideal conditions but may take up to 2 weeks.
  • Fully Rooted: Refers to a plant with a root system that has begun to wrap around the pot or fully cover it, signifying a strong establishment.

7. Chargebacks:

  • No Chargebacks for Buyers: All sales are final. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact the seller or the support. Buyers submitting payment disputes to credit card companies may be permanently banned from the platform.
  • Chargeback Handling: If a chargeback arrises, the platform will do whatever it could, to work with the seller to resolve it. The seller should work with the platform in a timely manner, by providing proofs of packaging & shipping.

8. Return Policies:

Sellers are encouraged to establish their own return policies for plants. During your live show, please clearly communicate and post your unique return policy to potential buyers.

In the absence of a seller-provided return policy, Plant Story's default return policy will be applied to all orders.


1. Severely Damaged or Flawed Plants During Transit:

In the unlikely event that a plant arrives severely damaged or seriously flawed (not including minor cosmetic damages), we are committed to addressing the situation. The seller will initiate a replacement or refund for plants that exhibit significant disfiguration, substantial leaf loss (more than 40%), or serious flaws like pest infestations that compromise the plant's health.

2. Claims for Missing or Incorrect Orders:

Claims for missing or incorrect orders must be submitted within one week from the delivery date. However, if there is proof of delivery, such as a signature or photo confirming receipt, claims for missing orders will not be processed. In the case of damage or loss during transit, buyers are responsible for contacting the carrier to file claims.

3. Seller Shipping Errors:
If sellers make a mistake sending a wrong product to a customer, it is not the customer's responsibility to send it back; sellers can kindly ask, but understand that it is very hard for the customer to wrap and ship a plant.

4. Refunds and Dislike of Plants:

The seller do not offer refunds solely based on personal preferences or changes of minds after receiving a plant in person. If a healthy plant is delivered and you later decide you no longer like it, no refunds will be provided. Please be mindful of your choice before making a purchase.

5. Node/Cutting Risk Acknowledgment:

When purchasing nodes or cuttings, you acknowledge the inherent risk associated with shipping and the rooting process. Successful rooting is not indicative of our shop's performance. Additionally, variegated plants may not guarantee the persistence of variegation in new plants or cuttings.

6. Finality of Purchases:

All purchases of cuttings/plants are considered final. While our sellers take utmost care in packaging plants, damages induced during transit, such as browning or yellowing leaves, are not our responsibility. We encourage you to carefully assess your decision before making a purchase.

Please understand that our sellers strive to provide you with healthy and accurate representations of plants during live streams. However, due to the natural variations in living plants, some wear and tear can occur during transit. Rest assured that our commitment remains unwavering in delivering quality plants to you. Your understanding of these policies ensures transparency and accountability, contributing to a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

9. Adequate Preparation and Interaction:

Prior to your live stream, ensure you have a clear plan for what you'll be discussing and showcasing. Engage with your viewers throughout the stream, responding to questions and comments to create an interactive experience.

Before hosting your first official live stream, it's essential to schedule and complete a practice LIVE session with a Plant Story team member. This practice session will help you familiarize yourself with the platform's features and guidelines.

10. Maintain Appropriate Attire and Setting:

Present yourself in a respectful manner by wearing appropriate attire during your live streams. Do not wear political or divisive attire - this is a plant community, not an appropriate place to talk about political stuff.

Ensure your streaming environment is tidy, bright, free from any distractions that could detract from the content. However, we always encourage a background filled with plants or plant decor.

Engage your audience during your live streams by fostering interaction. Answer questions, share insights about plants (care tips, new growth points, etc.), and let viewers learn about you and your background. Creating a personal connection enhances the overall experience.

11. Continuous Improvement and Feedback:

Strive for ongoing improvement in your live streams by seeking feedback from viewers and peers. This helps you provide content that meets the expectations and preferences of the Plant Story community. Feel free to share any feedback with the Plant Story team.

12. Social Media Engagement:

While we assist in promoting your live streams, the most effective way to attract viewers and potential buyers is by actively sharing your live stream links and Plant Story shop across your social media platforms. We highly recommend finding plant-related Facebook groups to promote your LIVE! More information available here: Feel free to tag us, @ThePlantStoryApp, where relevant.

13. Minimum Duration for Live Streams:

We encourage live streams to be 45 minutes or longer. While you have the flexibility to extend beyond this timeframe once your stream has started, we kindly ask that you aim for a duration of at least 45 minutes to provide a comprehensive experience.

14. Update App for Optimal Performance:

Before initiating each live stream, make sure to update the Plant Story app on all your devices. Frequent updates are rolled out to enhance performance and resolve any glitches that might occur due to outdated versions.

15. Stay Informed via Emails:

Please keep an eye on your emails as we'll be sending important updates and policy information through this channel. Staying informed ensures you're aligned with the latest developments in the Plant Story community.

16. Concluding Your Live Streams:

To ensure a continuous and enjoyable viewing experience, kindly conclude your live stream once you're done. Extended breaks and then resuming sales on the same stream are not allowed. Live streams with 10 minutes of inactivity will be manually shut down.

17. Prompt Issue Reporting:

If you encounter any issues or negative behaviors during a live stream or with your shop, please reach out to us immediately, even if the issue is resolved. Timely communication helps us stay updated and address concerns effectively, contributing to a smoother experience for everyone.

18. Safety in Meetups and Transactions:

While meetups are allowed, prioritize your safety and well-being. Avoid sharing personal information that could potentially put you at risk. Ensure any in-person exchanges occur in safe and public locations.

19. Respect Copyrights and Logos:

When using logos or copyrighted material, obtain proper permission, unless the material is your own. Unauthorized use of logos or copyrighted content is not allowed and could lead to legal issues.

Protect your own and others' privacy by refraining from sharing personal contact information, financial details, or any sensitive data during live streams. This ensures the safety and security of everyone within the community.

20. Auction Etiquette:

Once an auction has commenced, refrain from artificially inflating the bidding price. It's essential to maintain fair competition and trust among participants. Encourage genuine bids from interested buyers.

21. No Improper Association with Obscene Content:

Do not improperly associate the Plant Story name or brand with obscene or inappropriate content. The use of "Plant Story" in usernames is reserved for employees only. Other accounts using 'Plant Story' in their usernames are prohibited and will be investigated. Using 'Plant Story' in social media account usernames is discouraged and may result in investigation and legal action if seen as an attempt to impersonate our brand. Corrective action will be taken for improper brand association on social media or elsewhere.

22. Original and Authentic Content:

Live streams should feature original content related to plants, gardening, and related topics. Do not infringe upon copyright or use content that is not your own without proper attribution.

23. Products That Can't Be Sold On Plant Story:

To ensure the safety of both buyers and sellers, some types of plants and plant products are prohibited on Plant Story. The following list should not be considered exhaustive and is subject to change.

  • Plants intended for mind-altering, hallucinogen or otherwise drug-related use, including but not limited to marijuana, saliva, opium, kratom, peyote, psilocybin, and mescaline
  • Plants that are toxic or poisonous, including but not limited to hemlock, nightshade, oleander, and snakeroot
  • Any products that are restricted at local, state, and federal levels, including but not limited to any endangered and invasive species
  • Any endangered species, especially those governed by CITES

It is the responsibility of both buyers and sellers to stay up-to-date with local, state, and federal regulations. Please consult the guidance provided by the USDA, your state’s Department of Agriculture, and any shipping carriers you use.

Thank you for being a part of the PlantStory community and adhering to these comprehensive guidelines. Your contribution to the platform's positive environment is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy LIVE streaming! 🌱🌿

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